About me

Toivo Ridal

CEO and Founder

Toivo Ridal is a highly regarded power electronics design engineer with a career spanning 28 years. Known for his technical prowess, Toivo has designed and tested a diverse range of power supply topologies, including buck, flyback, forward, push pull, half/full-bridge, LLC, and PFC with Bridger-less rectification, covering voltage and power levels up to 1500V and 2000W. Toivo’s designs not only meet technical requirements but also take into account important considerations such as EMC compliance, efficient layout, cooling and space requirements and cost optimization. He is also skilled in designing transformers for various topologies and has a good understanding of new technology components such as SiC, GaN, and GaN HEMTs transistors.

Toivo have also filed four patents related to power electronics: 

    1. W01998059251A3 – “Method and apparatus for indicating an alternating voltage,”
    2. W01999066621A1 – “Method and arrangement for charging a battery,”
    3. W01998005050A1 – “Circuit arrangement for reducing transients caused by an electromechanical switch with overcurrent protection,”
    4. W02008003825A1 – “Coil and method for interconnecting planar windings.”