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Power Supply benefits with GaN Transistors

Higher efficiency:
GaN transistors have higher electron mobility compared to Silicon, resulting in higher switching speeds and lower losses.

Higher power density:
GaN transistors have a higher breakdown voltage, allowing for higher power density in smaller packages.

Improved thermal performance:
GaN transistors have a lower thermal resistance than Silicon, allowing for better heat dissipation.

Wide bandgap:
GaN has a wide bandgap, which allows for high breakdown voltage, high frequency operation and high temperature operation.

GaN transistors are becoming increasingly cost-competitive with Silicon, especially for high-power applications.

D-Class Audio Power Amplifier benefits with GaN Transistors

High efficiency:
GaN transistors have high switching speed and low conduction losses, leading to high amplifier efficiency and reduced heat generation.

Smaller size:
GaN transistors have smaller die size compared to traditional silicon transistors, allowing for more compact audio amplifier designs.

Higher power density:
GaN transistors can handle high voltage and current, enabling the design of high-power audio amplifiers in smaller form factors.

Improved sound quality:
GaN amplifiers have low distortion and noise levels, resulting in improved audio quality.

Wide bandwidth:
GaN transistors have fast switching speed, providing wide bandwidth and improved signal integrity.

GaN technology is rapidly improving and becoming more cost-effective, making it a good alternative to traditional amplifier technologies.

HV Auxiliary PSU for HV AC/DC Power Supplies

The Auxiliary PSU features a 1700V SiC transistor integrated into its design, allowing it to be used in high voltage applications. It has two separate +5V offline outputs.

Bridgeless PFC + LLC ACDC PSU with GPIXV30DFN 1200V GaN mosfets.

Input voltage max 660VAC. Suitable with 3 phase AC network

Output power up to 2-3 kW

Board dimensions 184x123x55 mm

Here’s a link to 1200V GaN mosfet: http://GPIXV30DFN_to-be-uploaded.pdf (

Synchronize rectification is made by GaN mosfets EPC2059

Here’s a link to EPC2059: http://EPC2059_datasheet.pdf (